Name: Archibald Devonshire

Former Character's Name (if you had one): Evelyn P Archer

Biography: Archibald Devonshire is from a small town located in the English countryside. He comes from a long line of wizards and witches in his family tree and is no stranger to the wizarding world. For the most part, he is a quiet and reserved young lad mostly interested in his closest of friends as well as his studies. He is a typical school aged boy more concerned with the various aspects of school life, such as his housemates and of course Quidditch, than affairs in the outside world.

With regards to the war, it was rather fortunate that his family were wizards. Luckily, they escaped the ill effects that many others had to suffer through and were able to live in relative tranquility due to the protection of the Ministry. However, even with that protection, it was still necessary to act cautiously. This was most especially true when traveling to other parts of England. One never knew what dangers lurked around the corner, ready to jump out at a moment's notice.

But now the times were starting to look up again with the war finally coming to an end. People had become hopeful in these new times and had begun planning for their futures. Archibald had immensely looked forward to Quidditch starting up once more and secretly hoped to some day play professionally. His parents discouraged these ambitions, much to his dismay, but were understanding enough to allow him to play for his team at school anyway. Besides that one issue, however, Archibald and his family got on rather famously as one and all looked forward to the start of the new school year.

(We strongly encourage you to elaborate as much as possible when writing your own biography. This is just to give you a brief idea on the types of things we are looking for.)

Strong area of magic (pick 1 of these: Divination, Transfiguration, Charms, Conjuring/Summoning): Charms

Weak area of magic (pick 1 of these: Divination, Transfiguration, Charms, Conjuring/Summoning): Divination

House: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw

Year (pick 2): 2nd year, 5th year

Sample Roleplay:

Of all the places to be stuck, this is the worst one. Robert Giles thought to himself. The dark dungeon was seldom traveled, and the dark, damp walls hinted of things he would rather not think much about.

Just a few minutes before, Robert, a third year Hufflepuff, had been on his way to the Potions classroom, to get some extra time in on his lessons. As of late, he had been falling farther and farther behind.

Up ahead, Robert had heard voices laughing and seen a number of older Slytherins, well known for causing trouble, heading his way. Quickly he had hid in an alcove where a statue or something of that nature may have once been kept. His body barely fit, but it met his needs. The Slytherins had passed oblivious to his whereabouts.

Then he realized he was stuck. Not only stuck, but unable to reach his wand in his front right pocket. Not good Robert, not good at all, he thought.

Footsteps then met his ears. A single set, so he was sure it was not the group he had been avoiding. His voice shaky, he said, "Hello there mate, do you think you can 'elp me?"


Sample Roleplay Response: Archibald had been hurrying from the library in time to return to his common room before curfew. Fortunately, he had not come across a surly looking group of Slytherins in his journeys, but he was still anxious about walking through the castle all alone at such a late hour. One never knew when a ghost or other odd sort of person would appear. It was best to avoid trouble when at all possible, in his mind.

Meanwhile, he had been walking down a corridor when all of a sudden he heard a voice cry out to him. Scared out of his wits, he began to look around frantically for the source of the noise. With his luck, it was probably one of those mean ghouls trying to pull a prank on him. However, the only thing he could see was a scrawny young fellow who appeared to be hiding out in some nook in the wall. He didn't recognize his face, so he approached him a bit cautiously.

"Help eh? What seems to be the problem?" Archibald asked in a whisper. "And what are you doing over there? Don't you know it's almost past curfew?" he added in a hiss.