Q. What is an RPG / RP?
A. RPG stands for Role Playing Game. A role playing game is where you create your own fictional character and write from that character's perspective. That is to say, you pretend to be a figure set in the Harry Potter world, describing your actions as you interact with other players.

Q. How can I join?
A. We open the Sorting hat for one month approximately every 3 months. The current cycle we are operating under is as follows: January through March, May through July and September through November are the months in which school is open while April, August and December are the months the Sorting Hat is open for new applicants. We are limiting the total number of students to 70 people per house each term: 5 girls and 5 boys per year level. Note: you are welcome to play a character of the opposite sex. For more information on applying, please refer to the Sorting Hat page.

Q. How does this RPG work?
A. The actual roleplaying takes place on an Ezboard, which is a messageboard system. In order to join our site you will need to create a global user account at the Ezboard homepage with your character's first and last name (ie. John Doe). It is recommended that you do this before posting your application on our Sorting Hat board. If the name you have chosen for your character is taken, sometimes adding a middle initial without a period (ie. John E Doe) is a good idea. Names unrelated to your character's name will not be accepted (ie. StarTwinkleGirl16).

Q. Can I have a character from the books, like Hermione or Ron?
A. No. You have to create your own character. Besides, those characters do not exist during the time period in which this RPG takes place.

Q. So then when does this RPG take place?
A. Currently, our timeline takes place during the 1950s.

Q. Can I be an animagi?
A. Remember, animagi are extremely rare. At this time we are not allowing people to come to Hogwarts as animagi. Once you've been at this site for a while and have done an extrordinary job at rping etc. then it may become possible to grant you the opportunity to earn an animagi character.

Q. How do I advance through the years?
A. With the reconstruction of the site we have all but eliminated promotions. What year your character is will be determined by three factors: your preference, what we have room for, and the quality of your character's biography. The only way to be promoted is if you want to play the same character the following year. If your character was productive and active, you can play him/her again a year higher.

Q. What if my question isn't answered here?
A. During the months in which the Sorting Hat is open (April, August, and December), you may feel free to post any questions or comments you may have in our Suggestions Forum.