The following reference guide is especially for those individuals who have little or no prior experience with either messageboard roleplaying systems or the Ezboard format. It is highly recommended that you take the time to familiarize yourself with these steps as it will assist you in adjusting to our system.

How do I obtain an Ezboard account?
Creating an Ezboard account is a requirement for all users who join our RPG. In order to do this, please follow the instructions below:

Getting your account:

1st: click on the link at the top of the board that says "Register Your Free Account"

Then click on create a Global account. Make sure it's the global account so you can post at any of our message boards.

Fill in all of the required fields. Remember that your account name MUST be your character's first and last name. If the account already exists, you can add a middle initial to the first and last name.

Once you have filled everything in, make sure all the boxes next to the promotions are not clicked (unless you like to receive a lot of junk mail) you might have to click on "No thanks!" a couple of times before you finally get the message that your account has been accepted.

If you gave them the right e-mail address, you should be receiving a confirmation e-mail telling you how to verify your account. Follow the directions and you will have your account.

***Please note that Ezboard currently requires its members to be 13 years of age or older. If you do not meet these age requirements then you MAY NOT register an account.

Once you have your account, you can add pictures, signatures and a whole lot of extras. However, you should first set-up your preferences.

The most important thing is to set-up your account to accept admin emails.

To get into your preference settings, click on the "My Control Center" near the top of the board. That will take you to the place where you can customize your account. Click on "edit preferences" and you will see a whole bunch of settings you can change, including a place to create your signature. In the bottom right hand side there is a section called "Other Options" There you will see the Accept Private Messages and Accept Admin Emails. Make sure the Accept Admin Emails is checked. The accept private messages gives anyone the ability to email you, even if they don't know your email address.

Another place to check is your profile.

Click the "My Control Center" but this time select the "edit profile"

This page allows you to add a picture to every post that you make. It also creates a profile for you. You can include a lot of personal information, but most people include information about their character instead. For example, in "Location" they put "Hogwarts"

If you don't want anyone to know what your e-mail address is, check under "Contact Information" There is a "Publicize email address" option. If this is checked, anytime anyone looks at your profile, they will see your email address. Uncheck it if you don't want anyone to see your email address. This is also where you can change your email address if it is wrong. Remember that posting your email address anywhere on the Hogwarts boards is a violation of the rules. You can tell people to check your profile for the address or to "PM" you, but please only ask this in the OOC areas. Everyone is allowed to use your profile or PM you to get that information.

There is also a place to enter a screen name for AIM, Yahoo, or MSN or even an ICQ number. You can leave those blank if you don't want anyone to open a chat with you. Remember that posting any screen name or ICQ number on the Hogwarts boards is also against the rules. Everyone is allowed to use your profile or PM you to get that information.

What happens after my application is posted?

Once you have posted a completed form in our Student Applications (or Professor Applications) forum, one of our staff members will review it. If there is something wrong or something that needs to be changed with your application, just follow the directions given and reply to the same post with the corrections requested. Keeping everything in one thread makes it much easier to follow one's progress throughout the entire process.

If you are using a valid Ezboard account to apply, you might want to subscribe to the topic. At the bottom of the page, there's a link to "Subscribe to this topic." By clicking on that, you will be notifed by e-mail if someone responds to your application. NOTE: this will only work if you are using a free Ezboard account and you have given Ezboard the correct e-mail address on your application.

If your application disappears, don't worry! It was most likely moved to another forum.

1 - You have been accepted. Look for your application in the "Accepted Students" section.

2 - You have been sorted. You will find out which house you have been placed into on the first day of term.

What should I do while I wait to be sorted?

You can go to our sister site, HDK!

HDK, which stands for Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and Knockturn Alley, is a place where many of our graduated student characters go in order to continue roleplaying those beloved figures from which they cannot bear to part. However, anyone is welcome to apply for membership and we are always looking for new shopkeepers and fresh faces! Details for those who are interested may be found on our shared Sorting Hat board.

What are all these abbreviations I keep seeing?

The following is a list of some commonly used terms you will come across on our boards:

"PM" you means they will send you a Private Message. This only works if you have "Accept Private Messages" checked in your preferences (see above).

"OOC" or Out Of Character means you are not posting as your character, but rather as yourself for the purpose of communication.

"IC" stands for In Character and is used when referring to comments made while in a roleplay. Usually, it is unnecessary to use this term as we assume that when you post in the roleplay forums, you are doing so as your character.

"ISO" or In Search Of is used when you are seeking out specific characters from our boards to join in your post. When you create a title for your roleplay simply add it at the end of the subject line as follows: Walking in the Gardens (ISO: Lily)